IGL Ecocoat Window (Ny 60ml) Tidligere 30ml

Ecocoat Window er det beste usynlige glassbelegget for alle ruter/vinduer! Det er den ultimate løsningen for forbedret synlighet og klarhet, spesielt under kraftig regn. Kan brukes på alle glassflater / speil /dusjvegger

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Ecocoat Window is the best invisible glass coating for windscreens and windshields! It’s the ultimate solution for improved visibility and clarity, especially during heavy rain.

This ceramic coating for glass creates a super water-repellent surface that prevents water spots and high wiper wear. With rainwater rolling off at 50km/h, driving safely during heavy rain has never been easier, lasting up to 1 year!

Why does Ecocoat Window Glass Coating last 10x longer?

IGL Ecocoat Window is unique with its 2-K (2 Component) system. Unlike other single component products in the market, Ecocoat Window outlasts competitors by lasting up to 12 months (and more!).  2K simply means that the 2 products has to be mixed BEFORE application.

Ecocoat Window is like a little chemistry set, waiting to be unleashed, by you! A little bit of E1, and a dash of E2, makes hydrophobic surfaces like New!

What is a Glass Coating and Do I need it?

New windscreens are already treated with a hydrophobic coating. Over time, the coating wears out, whether with wipers, rain, weather or more. Microscopic pores, abrasion and scratches catch contaminants creating uneven and hydrophilic surface.

Ecoclean Glass+ removes existing contaminants and even existing coatings to prepare the surface for the glass coating. Applying Ecocoat Window  creates a super slick, clear, water repellent (hydrophobic) surface, perfect for easy cleaning and high visibility in the rain.

Additionally, as it repels water so well, its also the best de-icing coating in the winter!

Experience the difference for yourself. With Ecocoat Window, you’ll have a clear outlook on the road ahead – even during the stormiest of days!

  • Window & Glass Safe ✓
  • Surface: All glass surfaces

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